Documents Upload

*** Please scan your documents in the colour PDF files from the original files only.

     Except title deed and your photo, you can take photo with your mobile phone.

*** More supporting evidences are more chances to get the Australian VISA

     and reduce the time for process the VISA application.

National ID Card
Personal name change 1 (if any)
Academic Transcript 1
Title Deed 1 (if any)
Proof of work letter 1 (if any)
English test certificate (if any)
Family Book/Family Composition Evidence
Personal name change 2 (if any)
Academic Transcript 2
Birth certificate (if any)
The old Australian VISA (if any)
Title Deed 2 (if any)
Proof of work letter 2 (if any)
Proof of work letter 3 (if any)
Letter of financial evidence (if any)

** you must have access to sufficient funds to cover your expenses while in Australia.

    Examples of this include a personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts or taxation records.

** You can attach bank statements for different bank accounts.

** The bank statements should be at least 6 months back.

Statement 1
Statement 4
Other 1 (if any)
Statement 2
Statement 5
Statement 3
Sponsor letter (if any)
Other 2 (if any)

After you click the Submit button, do not reload or close the page!

Please wait until you see the success pop up page, after that you can close the page.
Maybe take more than 10 minutes, depend on your document size and the speed of your internet.