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Your Goal:

- To develop theoretical and specialist skills in a range of situations and to display initiative and judgment for reflecting the role of conveyancing work.

- To gain the accountability skills for planning, coordinating and evaluating the work of others within broad but generally well-defined parameters for dealing with complex situations and issues.

Entry Requirements:

- Students must be over 18 years of age at the commencement of course.

- Successful completion of Australian Year 12 or its equivalent.

- IELTS Test 5.5 band score or equivalent (if any). If you did not have the English you can take an English placement test at the institutes.

(Those students who do not meet the minimum English requirement will need to package this program with an English Course before proceeding to this qualification)

Recommended Institution:

TMG College Australia

Location: Melbourne City Campus (VIC)

Application Fee: AU$250


Diploma of Conveyancing

Course Fee: AU$ 7080 for 12 months

Material Fee: 200

Advanced Diploma of Network Security

Course Fee: AU$ 8110 for 18 months

Material Fee: 300

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